Coach Limb

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Hello, my name is Ryan Limb and I am the PE/Health teacher at Queen of All Saints. This is my first year teaching in America, however, I was a Primary school PE teacher in the UK for 2 years prior to moving to St Louis. I am originally from Lincoln, England and moved to America in July 2016 after marrying my wife, Lisa, whom I met working at a summer camp for homeless children in New York. 

In 2014 I graduated with honors from Sheffield Hallam University with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Youth Sport. As a PE teacher, I believe the main aim of my job is to encourage each student to value their health and create lifelong habits of physical activity.  I aim to prepare all students with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to lead a healthy and physically active life.

Away from school I enjoy playing competitive sports and I currently play rugby and gaelic football.  My wife and I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to visit many parts of Europe and spent 3 months in East Africa together in 2014. Finally, I enjoy going to music concerts, wearing bow ties, collecting gnomes and watching films.

You are very welcome to contact me at if you have any questions or need anything.

You may also wish to follow @QAS_PE on Twitter for weekly class updates.

PE/Health Focus

K - 2nd Grade - We will be focusing on multi skill games for the first month of school. We will work on developing agility, balance and communication and other fundamental moving (e.g. running, jumping), manipulative (e.g. throwing, catching, kicking) and stability (stopping, turning, balancing) skills. We will predominantly be inside for this period.

3rd - 5th Grade - The focus will be on net and wall games such as volleyball, tennis and badminton. We will learn the basic rules, principles and skills for these games. I aim for each student to be able to play and officiate by the rules of each game independently by the end of the topic. This wiill mainly be indoors but If the weather is favorable during tennis,  I would like to go outside. I will notify you if this is the case.

Upper School - The first topic will be invasion games with the specific focus being basketball. We will start with an NBA All Star Skills challenge in order for me to assess ability. We will then refine specific skills and perform them in game situations. We also aim to develop tactical competence and awareness. I would like to use the outside basketball courts as often as possible during this topic. However, my first (introduction) and second (NBA Skills Challenge) lessons will be in the gym.