Ms Paulsen

This is my seventh year at Queen of All Saints.  It is my third year teaching second grade, after four years as a preschool teacher.  I went to grade school at St. Thomas the Apostle, in Florissant, where I am currently a parishioner (now, St. Rose Phillippine Duchesne).  

I received my bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  I am currently working towards my religion certification.  

 I am dedicated to making sure every student knows his or her potential and guiding them toward success as independent learners.  I love to learn and hope to pass on my love of learning to my super second graders!

In my free time, I spend time with my family and friends, play with my lovable pups, watch Cardinal baseball, play sand volleyball, dive into a good book, and spend time with my niece and nephew.

If you have any questions about second grade, please email me:

Character Counts!

The Saints Award 

In the 2017-2018 school year, we will be continuing our character education program.  One student from each homeroom will be honored, at mass, with an award for displaying outstanding character related to that month's character trait.  Below is a list of our monthly character traits.

September: RESPECT









Second Grade Content

Second graders will be preparing for and celebrating the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. We will also be learning all of the parts of the mass and are expected to participate in prayers, songs, and be active listeners to the gospel and homily.

Second graders will learn about the writing process (brainstorm--rough draft--revise--edit--publish--presentation) as they write narrative, informational, and persuasive papers throughout the year. We will also learn to write in complete, detailed sentences with subject-verb agreement.

Whole Group: Students will learn and practice several comprehension skills and strategies using fiction and non-fiction text.
Small Group: Students will work in small guided reading groups with the teacher based on reading level to improve reading strategies and fluency.
Daily 5: While students are working in guided reading groups, the rest of the students are working around the room to improve reading and writing skills through engaging centers: Work on Writing (creative writing, informative writing, letter writing), Word Work (spelling/phonics, grammar practice), Read with Someone (reading to and listening to a partner, book discussions), and Read to Self (reading AR book and taking AR tests).

Accelerated Reader:
Students will take the STAR test once a quarter. The data shows the students' current reading level and growth. Students work on personal reading goals each quarter by reading within their ZPD and taking comprehension AR tests on the books they are reading.

Students work in three rotations every day to learn, practice, and review math concepts: Teacher Feature (lesson taught by the teacher), Workbook Nook (independent practice of the skill, math fluency), and Elation Stations (collaboration with peers playing games/hands on activities, problem solving packets to review previous skills)

Math Concepts: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction (with and without regrouping, Geometry/Fractions, Graphing, Problem Solving, Measurement/Time/Money, Beginning stages of Multiplication

Second Graders switch classes for Science and Social Studies. I teach both classes Social Studies. Here are the concepts we will learn about this year: Maps, Landforms, Communities, US symbols/landmarks/heroes, Cultures and Traditions from around the world.