3-5 Spanish Class


3rd Grade:  3rd graders are starting to work on their numbers from 0-31! Quiz dates: 3B-2/20 and 3K-2/23.  The quiz will consist of students hearing a number in Spanish, they will write what they hear in number form.  Ex:  Hear: "diez"  Write: "10"

4th Grade:  4th graders are working the days of the week in Spanish. Days of the week quiz coming soon! 4S-2/20 and 4B-2/22

5th Grade:   5th graders are getting ready to start a section on reading paragraphs in Spanish.  I have reminded them of the importance of studying vocabulary to make this section easier!  We are wrapping up our unit on clothing.  Clothing and verb quiz 5H-2/22 and 5S-2/23.