ABC's of Kindergarten


ABC’s of Kindergarten


A      Arrival Time

            Your child should arrive at school no earlier than 7:30am. If they do, they are asked to wait outside

            in the front of the school. At 7:30am the doors will open for students to wait in the Gym until the

            first bell rings. The first bell rings at 7:45am and the tardy bell rings at 7:55am.



            Your child will participate in Art class one time each week with Mrs. Gant.



            Please make sure your child is in school each and every day possible. This is essential for the

            educational, spiritual, and social/emotional growth of the students. If your child will be absent,

            please call the school office at (314) 846-0506 and leave a message in the attendance mailbox.

            Thank you!


B      Backpacks

            We ask that children bring a backpack to school each day. Please label the backpack with your

            child’s name. Any notes, homework, etc. being sent to school should be placed in your child’s

            Student Binder and NOT loose in their backpack.



            Birthdays are very special! The students are allowed to DRESS DOWN on their Birthday or Half

            Birthday (for those with summer birthdays). Please DO NOT send in any food items to celebrate.

            Birthday invitations can be sent home in the students’ folders as long as either the entire class,

            or all the boys, or all the girls are included. Feelings get hurt when someone is left out.


         Book Orders

            Scholastic Book Order forms will be sent home each month. You can purchase books by going

            to the Scholastic website  and setting up a “Parent” account. Our online classroom code is H3HKQ.

            By purchasing books through the book orders our class earns FREE books. 


C       Communication

            We will be communicating with you through weekly emails, notes, phone calls and conferences.

            Any important notes from us will be placed in your child’s white Student Binder. Please make

            sure that any messages you have for us are written and not verbally given by your child. Our email

            addresses are or We may also be contacted through the

            school office at (314) 846-0506.



            Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Monday, October 29th and

            Tuesday, October 30th from 4:00pm-8:00pm. This is an excellent time for us to

            meet and discuss your child’s progress. We encourage every parent to do their

            best to attend. However, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us

            as soon as possible. We are happy to schedule a conference to address your

            concerns, but need to do so in advance. We are unable to talk with you

            extensively during arrival and dismissal times.


D       Discipline

            We strive to create a positive classroom community. We review our classroom

            rules and expectations frequently. They are:

                                                Listen when someone is talking.

                                                Follow directions quickly and quietly.

                                                Raise your hand to speak.

                                                Respect others, yourself, and your school.

                                                Be safe and honest.



           Students will be dismissed out the Music Room entrance doors (entrance closest to

           the Kindergarten classrooms) each day. Dismissal is at 3:05pm. If your child will be attending

           Goddard, they will be escorted to the bus. If your child is a walker, they will be escorted to

           the Gym for dismissal. If your child attends Aftercare, they will walk to the gym. The Aftercare

           teachers will walk them to Aftercare. Please let us know of any changes to your child’s pickup

           so we can make sure we get them to where they need to go at the end of the day.    


E       Early Dismissal

            Please make sure to check the school calendar regularly for early dismissal dates. If your child is

            leaving school early, please let us know as soon as possible so we can have them ready.


      Field Day

           The Queen of All Saints Olympic Day is currently scheduled for Friday, May 17th.

           It is a fun and exciting day for students.


         Field Trips

            We will notify you as soon as field trips are scheduled. We typically take a field trip in the

            Fall and in the Spring.



            Each day your child will bring home their white Student Binder. Please check it every night!

            It will contain work completed in class and/or other important information. Bringing the binder

            school every day is part of your child’s responsibilities. The white Wednesday Folders are sent with

            the youngest/only children every Wednesday. It contains important school

            information. Please empty the folder and return it to school the following day.


G       Good-byes

             It is helpful to say good-bye in the car so your child can start the day and become

            an independent elementary student. We encourage you to say good-bye at the main

            doors or in the gym.


H      Handwriting

            We teach manuscript handwriting in Kindergarten. We use the Writing Our Catholic Faith

            by Universal Publishing program to teach proper letter and number formation.



            The main homework in Kindergarten is for the parent and child to


            Just 10 minutes a night will have an incredible impact on your child’s literacy skills.


I        Illness

            Please do not send your child to school if he or she has a temperature over 99.9.

            If your child becomes sick at school you will be called to come and pick them up. Please

            inform the office of telephone number changes so that we will be able to contact you quickly

            if your child becomes ill.


J       Journals

            We will be using journals as a form of written and creative expression.

            Journal writing is part of our Writing curriculum.


K     Kindergarten Curriculum

          Kindergarten lessons are created around a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

          We use themes and literature studies which consist of activities involving all the major subject areas:

          Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Art, and Music. 

          Our Math Workshop utilizes a class meeting and mini-lesson format that is centered around

          the calendar, manipulatives, partner games, investigations, and small group activities.

          Our Language Arts curriculum provides students with a variety of experiences for them to

          become confident readers and writers. We use a workshop model that includes activities such as

          shared reading, guided reading, morning messages, predictable charts, interactive writing,

          and journals. Each week we will focus on a consonant or short vowel sound and sight words.

          Through these activities the students will be learning to blend sounds together and make words.

          The Religion curriculum is from the Image of God Series. The theme for kindergarten is that each

          human being has been created by God in His image. Our lessons focus on God and creation.

          The Science units of inquiry include: Living Systems, Earth Systems, Force and Motion,

          and the Universe.

          The Social Studies units of study include: History, Geography, Economics, Civics, and Culture.


L       Library

            We will be visiting the school library once a week. Our librarian’s name is Ms. Pifer.

            This time will also include work in Makerspace.



            Kindergarten students will eat lunch from 11:09-11:29 daily. The children may choose to bring

            their lunch from home or purchase a school lunch. Your child will receive a meal card from

            Food Service Consultants. You will have one account per family. Checks should be made out to

            Food Service Consultants. Parents will be notified when your child’s lunch account

            is running low. Kindergarten students are only allowed to purchase “extras" (ice cream, cookies,

            chips, and specialty drinks) if the teacher has received written permission from the parents.


M     Money

           When sending money to school, please put it in a sealed envelope in their Student Binder.

           Do not send loose money with your child because they may not remember what it is for.

           On the envelope please write:

                          Your child’s first AND last name

                          Teacher's Name- Kindergarten

                          The amount of money

                          The purpose for the money



           Your child will attend Music class once a week with Mr. Dunn.


N     Newsletter

           A weekly update or newsletter will inform you of the things going on in our 

           Kindergarten classroom.

           It will include important dates, details about class projects, and information to help you extend our

           classroom learning in your home.



            Our health room nurse is Mrs. Sarah Dalton.


O      Outdoor Recess

            We will be going outside to recess everyday unless it is raining or in extreme

            hot/cold temperatures.

            Please dress your child appropriately for the weather (hats, gloves, heavy coat, etc.).

            For your child’s safety, tennis shoes or sturdy rubber-soled shoes should be worn every day.


P       Parties

            We will have two classroom parties planned by the room mothers. The first party will be our

            Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 31st. The second party will be our Christmas Party

            on Thursday, December 20th. More information regarding these celebrations will be sent

            home at a later date. 



           Students will attend P.E. class twice a week. Coach Limb is our P.E./Health Teacher.

           Tennis shoes and P.E. uniform are required.

           Please refer to the Parent Handbook for specific uniform expectations.


          Picture Day

            Fall Picture Day is currently scheduled for Monday, October 15th.

            We will also have a Spring Picture Day which is typically scheduled sometime in March.


Q      Quiet

            While in the halls we ask that the children do not socialize. We need to have respect for

            others in the building. Also, talking/socializing during Mass or in Church will not be permitted.


R       Rest Time

            Our day includes a 20 minute Rest Time each day. This is the time where students will relax and

            listen to classical music or stories. Please send in a rest mat to be left at school.

            Towels and blankets will be sent home every Friday to be washed.


         Report Cards

            Report Cards will be available online four times during the school year.

            Parent Teacher Conferences will be held following the first quarter Report Card.


S       Snack

            Kindergarten will have snack every day. We ask that families provide a peanut/tree nut free

            snack that is healthy. Please do not allow your child to bring in candy or chocolate.

            Healthy snacks provide your child with energy to promote learning.


         Story Parent

            We are inviting parents to come and read to both classrooms on Fridays. Please contact me

            if you are interested in signing up. Parents are allowed only one time slot per student for the year.



             Senora Kutzler is the Spanish teacher. Kindergarten will attend Spanish class once a week.


T       Tardies

            It is very important that your child arrive on time. This helps your child feel comfortable

            and bypasses interruptions to student learning.


U      Uniforms

            Students are to wear the appropriate Queen of All Saints Uniform every day.

            Please refer to the uniform section of the Parent Handbook.

            Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.


V       Visitors

            ALL visitors MUST check in at the Main Office before coming to the classroom.


W     Walking

           The students must walk in the classroom and in the school building at all times!


X       Extra Special Year

            Kindergarten is very special because it is the first “real” school experience for many children.

            As teachers, we have many learning objectives for the year, however, our main goal is for your

            child to develop a love for school and learning. We will do all that we can to ensure a solid

            foundation for your child’s future school years and endeavors.


Y       Yearbook

            Purchase forms will be sent home later in the school year.


Z       ZZZZZZ

            It is VERY important for your child to receive a good amount of sleep each night so that they

           are successful each day in Kindergarten!