ABC's of Kindergarten



(The Everything You Need to Know Guide to Kindergarten)


ARRIVAL TIME- Your child should arrive at school no earlier than 7:30am. If they do they are asked to wait outside in the front of the school. At 7:30 the Gym doors will be open for students to wait there till the first bell rings. The first bell rings at 7:45 AM and the tardy bell rings at 7:55 AM.

ART – Your child will participate in art class one time each week with Mrs Gant. 

ATTENDANCE- Please make sure your child is in school each and every day possible. This is essential for the spiritual, educational, and social/emotional growth of the students.

Accelerated Reader- Kindergarten students will participate in accelerated reader on an individual basis. This is a reading comprehension program to ensure that your children are able to understand what they are reading.  Each child will start the program when they are academically ready! All students begin Accelerated Reader in First Grade!


BACKPACKS- We ask that children bring a backpack each day for two reasons. One is to transport their work and important notes from the teacher from school to home and back. The second is to help your Kindergartener become responsible. Please label the backpack with their name on the outside.

BOOK ORDERS- Scholastic Book Order forms will be sent home each month in your child’s folder. You can purchase books by going to the Scholastic web site and setting up a "Parent" account.  Each teacher has a class code that you will need to enter upon ordering.  We will send you the code information via email. 


CLOTHING- Please label sweaters, sweatshirts, and coats that your child wears into the classroom. Send your child in the pair of shoes that they will be wearing all day. We will not take time to change shoes before P.E. or to go outside.  Please make sure that all clothing apparel and shoes worn during the school day meet dress code as stated in the parent handbook. 


COMPUTER - Students will have computer class one time per week with Mr. Riley.  

CONTACT INFO.  - To contact Mrs. Depke you may email at To contact Ms. Shrum you may e-mail at You may also send a note to school in your child’s folder. 


DISCIPLINE- We use a green, yellow, and red clip chart with students.  Their objective is to stay on green or at least try to move back to green with positive behavior.  Students also earn Good Deed tickets for great behavior.  These are turned in each Friday for rewards.

DISMISSAL- We will walk your child out of the music room entrance doors (entrance closest to the Kindergarten rooms) each day. Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 3:05pm. If your child will be attending Goddard we will walk them up to the bus.  If your child is a walker, an 8th grade student will walk them to the gym at the end of the day for dismissal.  If your child is attending aftercare, they will walk to the cafeteria at dismissal.  Please let us know of any changes to your child's pickup so we can make sure we get them to where they need to go at the end of the day. 


EARLY DISMISSAL - Please make sure to check the school calendar regularly for early release dates. If your students will be leaving school early, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can have them ready.


FIELD DAY- Olympic day is at the end of May.

FIELD TRIP- More information will be given in when needed. 

FOLDERS- Folders will go home with your child everyday. Please review and empty your child’s folder every evening and send it back the next day. Helpful Hint- many times the folder that is reviewed and goes immediately back into the backpack has a better chance of making it to school in the morning!


GOOD-BYES- It is helpful to say good-bye in the car so your child can start the day and become an independent elementary student. You may walk your child to the classroom the first week of school ONLY! After that good-byes must be said at the main doors or in the gym.


HANDWRITING- We teach Manuscript handwriting in Kindergarten. We will use a Handwriting Program to teach your child letter and number formation. 

HOMEWORK-   Homework will go home in your child's red homework folder each Monday and is to be returned every Friday. Homework is based on individual academic level.  There are activities to do Monday through Thursday each week that will reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. They tend to love positive feedback and help to motivate them.   Allow your child to do their own homework so that they can grow and experience their own learning.  We will begin homework in September.   


ILLNESS- Please do not send your child to school if he or she has a temperature over 99.9. If your child becomes sick at school you will be called to come and pick up your child. Please inform the office of telephone number changes so that we will be able to contact you quickly at these times.


JOURNALS- Journals will be a part of our Writing Curriculum.  Students will be journaling in reading and math daily.




LIBRARY- We will be visiting the school library once per week. Our librarian's name is Ms. Pifer.  This will also be their Makerspace time.

LUNCH- Kindergarten will eat lunch at school each day. The children may choose to bring their lunch or pay for a school lunch. You will be notified when your child’s account is running low.  Kindergarten students are only allowed to purchase extras at lunch, such as: ice cream, cookies, chips, and specialty drinks if the teacher has received written permission from the parents.  A letter was sent home from the Food Service Consultants in regards to purchasing lunch cards.  


MATH - Math workshop begins with a brief mini-lesson which focuses learning on a specific math skill. Then the students will be given time to experience the concept using manipulatives with classmates. The class will gather as a whole group again to discuss our strategies and to share our math learning. Kindergarten math will include math learning through Calendar, hands-on activities, investigations, and partner games.


MORNING WORK-  Students will work in their Morning Work books for each month every day beginning in September.  This work provides daily activities in the areas of Science or Social Studies, Handwriting, Math, Reading, and Writing.  Each month will progressively become more challenging as the students gain more classroom knowledge in these areas.

MUSIC- Your child will have music with Mr. Dunn.    


NEWSLETTER- A weekly update or newsletter will inform you of the things going on in our Kindergarten classroom. It will include important dates, details about class projects, and information to help you extend our classroom learning in your home.   We will send this via email every Friday afternoon.  

NURSE- Our health room nurse is Mrs. Sarah Dalton.


OUTSIDE- Your child will have outside playtime every day, weather permitting. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately.  We run outside and play alot.  We recommend students wear tennis shoes every day.


PARTIES- We will have two parties throughout the school year. In October, we will have a Halloween party. In December, we will have a Christmas party. These will be planned by the room mothers.

P.E.-  Coach Limb is our P.E. teacher.  Tennis shoes and uniform are required.  Please see the parent handbook for specific uniform expectations.  

PICTURE DAY- Will be in September and again in the Spring.


QUESTIONS- If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Ms. Shrum or Mrs. Depke. Our contact information is listed under letter C, for ‘Contact Me’ on this list. To contact the Office call (314) 846-0506 ext. 300. 

QUEEN OF ALL SAINTS MASCOT- Queen of all Saints mascot is the Knights.


READING TIPS FOR K- Read every day with your child. Ask them to "help you" by reading the cookie recipe or traffic signs. Make reading a time that you both look forward to spending together. Talk with your child about favorite authors and help him find additional books by those authors. Set a good example as a reader: read every day at home even if it is a magazine or newspaper. Talk about the title, pictures, and the connections your child has with the book before you read. Talk about the story, re-tell the story, or make up a new ending to the story. Support the strategies they are learning at school by guiding them to re-read and get their mouth ready, to look for chunks, to skip the word and read on and to try again. If they are still stuck ask if it makes sense?, if it sounds right?, or if it looks right? Telling your child the word that they are stuck on is the last resort when they are reading!  

Reading Workshop- This is a daily event that focuses on reading skills. The Workshop begins with a mini-lesson. This can include a read aloud, a morning message, or a shared reading of a large text. A specific skill is modeled and discussed and is practiced by the whole group. Children will work in small groups to reinforce literacy skills.  The areas that we focus on each week in reading are as follows: fluency/vocabulary/comprehension, phonics, and phonological awareness. 

Individual Reading-These groups will officially begin when an individual child has mastered identifying all upper/lower case letters, individual letter sounds, and blends.  This will be a one on one setting between the student and the teacher.  We will provide more information as your child approaches that time.

RELAX TIME- Kindergarten will include a designated “Relax Time” when the kids will lie down and listen to a story or classical music. Your child needs to bring in a mat for this time of day. Please bring it in on the first day of school. Please leave all ‘blankies’ at home, students may bring a towel to use as a blanket for rest time.

Room Parents- Room Parents help in organizing class parties, etc.    Home and School Committee will select and organize room parents for each classroom. 


SCIENCE-Units of inquiry will include: Living Systems, Earth Systems, Force and Motion, and the Universe.

SIGHT WORDS- These are special words that your Kindergartener uses frequently. We use the Dolch List to compile these words. These words will be posted on our Word Wall as we learn them. We will also send home the list that your child is currently working on to study at home. We access the children twice a week on their sight words. Please remember that each child will be working at their own level.  Students will begin these at their own rate.  They must master identifying all upper/lower case letters, individual letter sounds, and blends before beginning sight words. 

SNACK- Kindergarten will have snack every day. We ask that families provide a snack that is healthy. Please do not allow your child to bring in candy or chocolate. Healthy snacks provide your child with the energy that will promote learning.

SOCIAL STUDIES-Units of study will include: History, Geography, Economics, Civics, and Culture.

STORY PARENT- Fridays, starting in September, we are inviting parents to read to both classrooms.  There is a parent availability form located on our classroom website so that you may see times that are available throughout the school year.  If you see a time and date that works for your schedule, please contact your child’s teacher so that you can chose your preferred time slot.  Parents are only allowed one time slot per student for the year. 

SPANISH- Mrs. Hoppe is the Spanish teacher.  Kindergarten will attend Spanish one time per week. 


TARDIES- It is very important for your child to arrive on time. This helps your child feel comfortable and bypasses interruptions to other student’s learning.

TRANSPORTATION- If there are changes in your child’s transportation from school to home please send me a note. If your child's transportation changes, you must send a note or the child will be sent home the way they usually are sent.


UNIQUE- Each child is unique and will develop individually. We will individualize to meet every child’s needs. Just as most children did not learn to walk and talk at the same time, most children do not learn to read and write at the same biological age/time. We will be working toward providing a ‘just right’ challenge to help your child move forward throughout the year.


VISITORS- All visitors must check in at the Main Office before coming to the classroom.


WRITING TIPS FOR K- Encourage writing always! Have paper and pencils available at home for writing. Let your child create their own word wall at home. Use the letters companion sheet given in this Kindergarten Manual to help your child write accurately at home. Support your child by telling them to write what they hear and spelling accuracy will come later. Writing words or a sentence on the page is more important than proper capitalization at this point. Ask your child what they are writing at school. We will be labeling the room early in the school year. Invite them to label their room at home.

WRITING WORKSHOP- This is a daily event where the class comes together for a short mini-lesson on a writing concept (labeling items, making lists, how to write a letter, and graphic organizers just to name a few). The teacher models, everyone discusses, and then each student works on that writing concept independently. Then we come back together as a group to share as authors. We share our pieces of work, but more importantly, what strategies we used to complete each piece.


EXTRA SPECIAL YEAR- Kindergarten is very special because it is the first school experience for some children and the first elementary experience for others. As teachers, we have many learning objectives for the year, but the most important objective is that your child develops a love for school and learning. We will do all that we can to ensure a solid foundation for your child’s future school years and endeavors.


YEARBOOK- Purchase forms will be sent home later in the school year.


ZZZZZZZ- it is very important for your child to receive a good amount of sleep each night so that they are successful each day on Kindergarten!