Music is a form of communication that satisfies the need to respond emotionally to human experiences.  Through listening, performing, creating, and responding to music, students can achieve skills which extend far beyond the music classroom. 

The role of music instruction at Queen of All Saints is to develop and expand creativity, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, literacy, critical thinking, cross-cultural, leadership, and responsibility in students through the integration of music in the teaching/learning process.  Music education is both an individual process and a collaborative group experience that provides a lasting understanding of concepts and enables responsible individuals to become contributing members in a global society.

Students will continue to be challenged in the goal of developing a sense of rhythm and musical independence.  Experiential, active participation in theory, exploration of sound, and performing instrumentation is an integral aspect of the educational experience as students develop more advanced skills in percussion instruments such as xylophone and a variety of drums, wind instruments such as the recorder, and keyboards.  

Our Music Program is coordinated by the Director of Liturgical Music, Mr. Dunn.