Mr. Dunn

     I have been a musician since the age of four. I play piano, organ, guitar, and I’ll quietly admit that I even know some accordion.  I attended Our Lady of the Presentation for grade school.  I graduated from Chaminade College Prep in 1990, and I am a graduate of Lindenwood University. 

     Music ministry first became a part of my life in 6th grade, playing for my school masses at Presentation.  My first ‘real’ professional experience was at St. Kevin at age 15.   A couple of years later, I was offered a position at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, where I directed music for the next 6 years.   A full time position became available at Assumption Church in South County with a variety of choirs and musical activities.  I worked in a variety of roles for 11 years and then began a new adventure in education.

     I began teaching computer programming at Chaminade and continued my work there in music ministry.  One highlight was being honored as Teacher of the Year.   

     Queen of All Saints is my second adventure in education and music ministry, and I look forward to an exciting, life-giving experiences each year.  My wife, Krista, is also an educator.  We have two children.  My son, Brayden, is 6 and my daughter, Charlotte, is 3. They get most of my time, but I also have other talents and interests besides music and family.  I am also a computer programmer and fluent in many languages.  I am a professional level woodworker and love to build furniture or anything made of wood.  Other hats I wear are leather worker and light metal worker.  When I need a break from all of that, you might find me on the road riding my motorcycle.  

     I welcome you to check out our Music Program page for information on our school's music curriculum.  I can be reached at: