6th Grade Religion

The Sixth Grade Religion class combines the use of the Sadlier"We Believe" textbook to learn about their Catholic faith with the "That's Not Fair Program" to live out their Catholic faith.Throughout the year, class discussions vary from Sunday mass, liturgical seasons, and questions and answers about the Catholic faith.  

Prayer and spiritual reflection is a vital and important component of the class. Research projects are assigned to explore the lives of the saints and those who lived their faith with courage,  who sacrificed, suffered persecution and even death for their faith.   

The Sixth Grade "We Believe" textbook  focuses on how the love of God for his people is woven throughout history and in our world today.  Students study the different ways that people in the Old and New Testaments gave witness to their faith and reflect on ways they will be witnesses to Jesus.    Students deepen their understanding of the liturgical year and the celebration of Catholic feasts and seasons.  They study the Ten Commmandments as the laws of God's covenant in the Old Testament.  They study the Beatitudes as well in the New Testament. By following Jesus' teachings, students learn how to remain faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

"Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me"  Matthew 25:40

The "That's Not Fair" program focuses mainly on the need for Social Justice with an emphasis for the importance of charity to meet immediate needs of the poor while we all work together to make longer lasting changes.  Discussions and activities include designing a budget for a family to live a decent life in today's world, creating a family of "souls"  decorating and filling their souls with symbols that represent many qualities of a human soul,  participating in a T-shirt fundraiser to donate to the "Let's Start" program at St. Vincent DePaul.  The program will conclude in April with a field trip to Jefferson City to see first hand where laws are made and put into action hopefully for the better of society. 

Back in December, we met the faces of the poor.  Several women who live in poverty and seek the help of St. Vincent DePaul shared their life struggles and faith with us during our field trip. We also visited the St. Patrick Center and learned about the work that they do to help the homeless.  From an overwhelming response from the QAS parish and school, we delivered 110 coats, 30 pairs of mittens and gloves, 15 hats, and 22 scarves from our "Coat, Hat, and Mitten Drive" in October.  We learned that while our circumstances may be very different, we are all so much alike.   We laughed, cried, and prayed together.   The goal of this program is to walk in the footsteps of Christ who came "to serve and not to be served." We will not rest until the world is a "fairer" place.

Many thanks to Mr. John Seliga and Mrs. Tina Moszczenski who teach the "That's Not Fair" program!