6th Grade Science

Sixth Grade Science will start with a focus on Life Science which includes microorganisms such as fungi, protists, bacteria, and viruses.  Students will discover how these microscopic organisms role in the world affect our environment and people.

They will grow fungi, mold and bacteria.  They will learn that antibiotics are made by bacteria and kill other harmful bacteria! The use of the microscope will be used frequently in the lab to learn, study, and observe all these different forms of life at the cellular level.  The Scientific method will be applied to labs as a systematic approach to observing changes or fluctuations in lab experiments to further scientific thinking.  As the year progresses,  the class will move into the introduction of plants studying different classifications and reproduction and plant processes.  Plant processes will include pollination, fertilization, dormancy, photosynthesis and seasonal responses.  Finishing out the year  in the fourth quarter, students will study Earth Science, investigating the relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes, how volcanoes erupt, and plate tectonics and how they influence the Earth's surface.