7th Grade LA

Seventh Grade Language Arts is comprised of four important components: Vocabulary, Reading, Grammar, and Writing.  

Vocabulary uses the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Book Level B.  Vocabulary words are introduced, studied, reviewed and applied, and assessed.  Quizlet is used on a regular basis to give students additional practice and review.  Students also practice using context clues and Latin/Greek roots and related words within a reading selection to develop deeper meaning and comprehension.  Students are responsible for spelling the vocabulary words on regular Spelling tests.

 Seventh Graders will read four books this school year, one per quarter.  They will read "Shane" first quarter, "Christmas Carol" second quarter, "The Pearl" third quarter, and "Where The Red Fern Grows" fourth quarter.  All books/novels offer not only an excellent literature choice, but each teaches a lesson about life with a touching and heartfelt story.  Students examine character traits and motivation, external and internal conflicts, evaluate theme/s, elements of plot, and describe foreshadowing. They also draw connections and conclusions,  make inferences and employ a variety inference strategies, and use graphic organizers to compare and contrast.  

Students practice their knowledge of Grammar by diagramming sentences.  Students study different kinds of sentences, subordinate and insubordinate clauses of a sentence, and the difference between correct, fragmented, and run-on sentences.   They work out of the text book, "Writer's Choice".  Students apply grammar rules to their writing.  They write personal narratives, study and write from different points of view,  create poems using and analyzing different elements of poetry, follow the elements of a business letter to formally write and send to a business, and write a five paragraph persuasive paper. 

Many thanks to Miss Kathy Coric who volunteers every Wednesday to assist me especially in Seventh Grade LA!