7th Grade Religion

The Seventh Grade Religion class builds on the foundation of Sixth Grade Religion and extends the concepts further with a special focus on the sacraments.  Students use the Sadlier "We Believe" textbook to gain a deeper understanding who God is. 

Students also participate in DePaul USA, a homelessness program that includes SMMA, Saint Francis of Assisi, and QAS.  Meetings are scheduled to plan fundraising events and activities to combine a donation to the homeless in the South County area. 

Students study in depth the Magisterium of the Church, Scripture and Tradition, the Blessed Trinity, the Nicene Creed and its history.  Questions and answers about the Catholic faith are encouraged and enthusiatically answered by our priests.  Prayer is a vital component of the Seventh Grade Religion class.  Students research the lives of different saints and those who were persecuted or suffered for their faith.  Students celebrate and learn different Catholic feast days and liturgical seasons.

Seventh Graders participate in "Mentor Moments" where they, as becoming leaders in the school, work with Second and Third grade students once a week to teach them a short mini-lesson about God.  Seventh Graders become responsible for their knowledge of God by explaining it to a younger buddy.  It is a great educational opportunity!

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last November, students went to Camp Lakewood.  It was a great opportunity for the class to build spirit and unity.  Students also participated in a prayer service by the lake.  It was so peaceful and calm that many felt touched and closer to God.