Elementary School

Core Classes

Csw Buddies Reading 3Reading - students learn to read for meaning and, with support, build the skills needed to read increasingly difficult texts. Our Balanced Literacy instruction uses research-based elements of comprehension, vocabulary development, fluency, phonemic awareness and phonics which delivers instruction in a combination of whole group, small group and 1:1 instruction in reading. The goal of our Guided Reading program is for students to develop the strategies they can use independently and become fluent, skilled readers. Student performance is assessed regularly and instruction is individualized to meet each child's specific needs in a timely manner.

Writing - we will be using a structured method to teach writing to all students K through 8th grade this year. It teaches writing skills that are developed and applicable across grade levels and across subject areas. It can be used with all forms of writing in various subject areas and fits any reading or language arts program.

Guided Math in the elementary grades fosters mathematical thinking and understanding while meeting the individual needs of all students. Like Guided Reading, students are assessed regularly which provides individualized data on each student and enables the teacher to design instruction that meets their specific needs. Additional tutoring offered to help students grow will have a positive effect on student performance. Math performance is assessed and analyzed using the STAR math assessment, a nationally normed tool.

Mr Riley Science Lab PicUsing federal funds available to us, we have been able to purchase science kits for each grade level.  The   Students in all grade levels will engage in classroom experiments. 


Enrichment Classes

Queen of All Saints strives to expose students to a well-rounded variety of subject areas and skills in addition to their five core subject area classes. This allows for further discovery of their talents and interests. Currently, students in Kindergarten - 5th Grade attend these specialty enrichment classes: