Elementary School

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Starting in Kindergarten, we lay a robust reading foundation through daily sessions of the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness program. This paves the way for our K-3 phonics program, Fundations. Building on these foundational skills, students thrive in our Guided Reading program, which involves small group lessons in K-3. The objective is to empower students to develop independent reading strategies and achieve fluency. Regular assessments ensure personalized instruction tailored to each child's specific needs.

A structured method to teach writing is used during elementary grades. It teaches writing skills that are developed and applicable across grade levels and across subject areas. It can be used with all forms of writing in various subject areas and fits any reading or language arts program.

Guided Math in the elementary grades fosters mathematical thinking and understanding while meeting the individual needs of all students. Like Guided Reading, students are assessed regularly which provides individualized data on each student and enables the teacher to design instruction that meets their specific needs. Additional tutoring offered to help students grow will have a positive effect on student performance. Math performance is assessed and analyzed using the STAR math assessment, a nationally normed tool.

Discover our Studies Weekly Curriculum, expertly organized around key Social Studies themes: civics & government, geography, economics, and history. With student-friendly newspapers, an immersive online platform, and abundant resources, students engage in deep learning, fostering critical thinking and real-world connections. Aligned with standards and research-based, it ensures a robust educational experience.

Explore our utilization of the Studies Weekly Curriculum, a dynamic framework that not only nurtures wonder and literacy but is also meticulously aligned with our educational standards. This curriculum offers a well-rounded approach, combining individual newspapers with hands-on experiments to provide students with diverse reading materials. Emphasizing investigation and exploration, it encourages students to actively engage with their surroundings through questioning, reading, and research. Join us in fostering a curiosity-driven learning environment that sparks exploration and cultivates a love for inquiry and discovery.

During our Elementary School years, we prioritize meeting students at their individual academic levels. Utilizing differentiated learning strategies and dedicated support staff, including math and reading specialists along with the Discover program, we ensure ongoing fulfillment of their educational needs.
Our commitment to excellence extends to the latest curriculum standards, building upon skills progressively taught each year. Beyond academics, we actively foster social and emotional growth, grounding our approach in Catholic teachings. This foundation extends to our strong home/school connection, emphasizing accountability, responsibility, and independence.

Embedded in all aspects of our daily experiences is our Catholic faith, seamlessly woven into the fabric of our curriculum. We place a significant emphasis on preparing students for the Sacraments, creating a holistic and spiritually enriching educational environment. Our Students learn to be children of God.

Queen of All Saints strives to expose students to a well-rounded variety of subject areas and skills in addition to their five core subject area classes. This allows for further discovery of their talents and interests.
All teachers use a multisensory approach through engaging visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactic elements. This helps to meet the needs of all learners. Using a multisensory approach has been proven to increase the likelihood of retaining new information.