Little Saints Academy

The Little Saints Academy Preschool is a part of Queen of All Saints Elementary School. It aims to prepare three and four year old children for the kindergarten experience.

Our preschool teachers are certified educators and implement best practices and researched based strategies in the classroom. For the optimal learning experience we keep our teacher to student ratio at 1:10.

The Little Saints Academy schedule options offer flexibility to meet the needs of all families. We offer a morning program from 8:00 am to 11:30 am which is available Monday - Friday or Monday / Wednesday / Friday. We also offer a full day program from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm which is available Monday - Friday, Monday / Wednesday / Friday or Tuesday / Thursday. For greater convenience, drop off is available each day at 7:30 am. Before & After Care is available to full day students. Before Care begins at 6:30 am and After Care goes from the end of the school day until 6:00 pm.

There is no dress code or uniform for preschool students, but it is suggested that the students wear play clothes and athletic shoes.


A is for...

Arrival: Children may arrive at school between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. A parent or an older sibling/carpool must walk each child into the classroom, where we will meet each morning. We will begin our day at 8AM every day.

Art: Your child will participate in many messy projects this year. Accidents do happen. Please dress your child in play/art appropriate clothes.

Attendance: For optimal growth and progress, both academically and socially, please make sure your child comes to school on time each scheduled day. This will also help your child learn routine and consistency. If your child is sick, will be late, or is coming in late, please email your child’s teacher or send in a note.

B is for...

Birthdays: We will be celebrating birthdays/half birthdays. On your child's birthday they may bring in a treat/snack to be sent home with each individual child at the end of the day.

Behavior: We have several ways in which we promote good behavior in our classroom. We give out brag tags and brag bracelets when a child exhibits good behaviors.. We also have a behavior clip chart. We realized some children needed a little something extra to help them stay on task, so to speak. Our clip chart is more positive and focuses on what the child can do. The levels are “I can be a role model” “I can make good choices” :I can make better choices” “I can talk about my behavior”. Every day your child will start on “I can make good choices” and this is where we expect them to be at the end of the day. A role model day is an above and beyond type of day.

Book Orders: Once a month we will send home a Scholastic book order form. Book orders will usually be due the last week of the month or as noted on the form. We encourage you to order online to help us earn FREE books for our classrooms.

Boomerang Binders: Your child will have a binder with a folder inside which will be transported to and from school each day. Please check for any papers being sent home. Teachers will check binders each day for any notes, lunch money, etc. Also, please check your child’s behavior log daily. Their behavior log will let you know what type of day they had: being a role model, showing good behaviors, working on good behaviors or talking to their teacher about good behaviors.

C is for...

Calming Basket: Each classroom will have a calm down basket in each preschool classroom. This is a quiet area in the room equipped with soft furnishings and soothing materials to help a student de-escalate when upset.

Character Traits: A good character chart is displayed in each preschool classroom. We will use this to reinforce our christian values and to encourage positive behavior in the classroom.

Circle Time: Our large group meeting time in the morning is called morning meeting or circle time. It is a time where we all gather on the carpet to talk about our day, learn about letters, the calendar (and many other math components), weather, and new concepts.

Clothing: Please make sure your child comes to school in play appropriate clothing. Your child must wear tennis shoes or closed toe/heel shoes. For safety reasons, your child will not be able to play on the playground in flip-flops or sandals. If girls wear dresses or skirts, please have them wear shorts underneath.

Conferences: Parent teacher conferences will be held mid January, after our first report card is sent home. (This is separate from the rest of the school.) If you have any concerns about your child at any point in the year, please contact your child’s teacher to set up a meeting.

D is for...

Dismissal: Teachers will walk their classes out to the foyer for both 11:30 and 3:00 dismissal. We ask that parents or those picking up the children wait outside of the main school doors. Teachers will open the doors and dismiss students as parents or older siblings come to pick up preschoolers. Your child must give his/her teacher a “bye-five” before he/she leaves to ensure we see who your child is leaving with.

** If you or a regular carpool is not picking up your child, you must send a note with your child, email your child’s teacher, or call the office informing your child’s teacher of who is picking up your child. Please state that person’s first and last name, relation to the child, and date(s) he/she will be picking up your child.

E is for...

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Want to know what your child is up to while he/she is at school? Check out your child’s classroom website to get weekly plans, pictures, and more!

F is for...

Field Trips: We will not be leaving the school grounds for field trips, but we have several activities planned for special “outings” while at school.

G is for...

Good-byes: Children may have rough drop offs from time to time during the year. It is best to give a hug, kiss, and say good-bye in order for your child to move on with his/her school day. If your child is upset for a prolonged amount of time, you will be contacted.

H is for...

Homework: We do send home a weekly homework paper. It is completely up to you to do them, but we encourage you and your child to work together for fun family time. If homework is sent back to school completed, your child will be able to show it to the class.

I is for...

Illness: Please do not send your child if he/she has a fever or is vomiting. When your child has been fever free and has not vomited for 24 hours, he/she may return to school. If your child becomes ill at school, you will be contacted to come pick up your child.

J is for...

Journals: Your child will be working on his/her journal every school day. In their journals, students will learn to write their names, illustrate pictures, and begin to write about their pictures.

K is for...

Kindness: Kindness will be stressed at all times. Teachers will use kind words and tones as a model for children. Students are expected to be kind and respectful at all times to students and adults.

L is for...

Learning Centers: Every day your child will participate in learning centers. This means they will be working in different areas in the room independently, in small groups, or one-on-one with a teacher to practice skills and work toward curriculum goals.

Library: Students will go to the library once a week (depending on their schedule) for story time with our librarian, Ms. Pifer. Starting in October, students can check out a book each week. They are expected to bring it back the following week in order to check out another book.

Lunch: If your child is enrolled for full day preschool, he/she will be eating lunch at 11:30 in the cafeteria. Preschool students may bring their lunch or buy a hot lunch plate. You can put money in a lunch account and your child will be issued a lunch card to use when buying lunch. If your child is buying lunch, he/she needs to be able to verbalize it or a note needs to be sent in his/her folder.

M is for...

Math: We will be learning many math concepts throughout the year including: counting, numerals, patterns, graphing, colors, shapes, and measuring.

N is for...

Nurse: Our school nurse is available to help with preschool boo boos and needs.

O is for...

Outside: Your child will have opportunities to play and learn outside every day, weather permitting. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

P is for...

Parties: We will have 2 parties throughout the year: Halloween, and Christmas. Dates and times will be given on monthly calendars. Room parents and volunteers plan, gather supplies for and run these events (crafts, games, snacks, and treat bags.)

Picture Day: We will have two picture days this year: fall and spring. If your child does not come on that day, you may bring your child to school to get his/her picture taken. Fall pictures will be in the yearbook.

Q is for...

Questions: If you have any questions or concerns during the year, please contact your child’s teacher by email, phone, or before/after school.

R is for...

Reading: Please make time for reading with your child every day! Reading to your child or your child reading to you by using the illustrations, saying letters, etc., is very important in your child’s literacy development. Your child will have many chances to read and be read to every day at school.

Report Cards: Throughout the year you will receive two report cards (January and May) to inform you of your child’s progress and goals on which he/she is working. At any other time during the year, you can contact your child’s teacher to find out about your child’s progress. Your child’s report card will show the curriculum goals we would like your child to be meeting at the end of Pre-K 4.

Rest Time: If your child is enrolled in full day preschool, he/she will have rest time in the classroom from 12:45-1:45 every day. Students will lie on their nap mats and listen to classical music. Rest is very important in a young child’s day, even if they do not fall asleep. Each child will be expected to lie quietly on his/her mat during this time. Students may only bring one beach towel or small blanket to accompany them on their nap mat. Please do not send sleeping bags.

Restroom: All preschoolers must be potty trained before the beginning of the school year. Students will be expected to come to school in underwear. Accidents do happen, so please have a full set of extra clothes for your child at school. If your child does have an accident at school and cannot clean him/herself, you will be contacted to come to school to clean and change your child.

S is for...

Science: We will be doing a lot of fun science experiments at school throughout the year. Please try them at home with your child for reinforcement and a whole lot of fun!

Snack: We will have snack time in the morning every day. Please send in a healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, granola bars, or yogurt. Healthy snacks provide your child with the energy needed to promote learning. You many send in water or juice, however, there will always be water available.

T is for...

Toys: Please leave toys and stuffed animals at home. They can be a distraction in the classroom and could get damaged or lost.

U is for...

Understanding: We understand that everyone has different needs and abilities. We focus on understanding the different needs and abilities of everyone and treating everyone with respect.

V is for...

Volunteers: Volunteers are welcomed and greatly appreciated to help with parties, sending in materials for projects, assisting in the classroom, and/or reading to the class. Please let your child’s teacher know how you would like to volunteer.

W is for...

Writing: It is important to encourage your preschooler to write! Preschool writing has many different forms. It may look like scribbles, pictures, random letters, or words. Please encourage your child to read what he/she has written. Exposure to writing is important to literacy development.

Y is for...

Yearbook: Yearbook pictures will be taken in the fall. An order form will be sent home later in the year to order a yearbook.

Z is for...

Zzzzzz’s: Sleep is very important in a young child’s life. When students arrive at school, they need to be alert and ready to learn. A consistent routine of ten to twelve hours of sleep every night will help your child have successful school days.




Theory Wellness Infographic Cycle Diagram Graph Instagram Post

· Represent feelings and ideas through art

· Describe and respond to won creative work or the work of others

· Use creative arts as an avenue for self-expression

· Use various materials and mediums to create

· Use fine motor skills with purpose and coordination

· Experiment with writing tools and materials

· Use scribbles, shapes, pictures, and letters to write

· Tell others about intended meaning of drawing or writing

· Use a variety of resources to facilitate writing

· Use number to show quantity

· Use language to represent number of objects

· Solve problems using numbers

· Use numerical representation

(write numerals, match numeral with quantity)

· Investigate positions and location

· Explore shapes in the environment

· Recognize, extend, duplicate, and create patterns

· Make comparisons

· Use measurement

· Collect information and analyze data

· Use expanded vocabulary

· Respond to text

· Develop a sense of story

· Read environmental print and symbols

· Identify alphabet letters

· Repeat rhymes, songs, poems, plays

· Participate in word games

· Discriminate sounds in words

· Use on or more senses to observe the physical world, natural world, and earth/space

· Experiment with simple tools

· Experiment with objects and materials to gather information and observe reactions

· Make predictions

· Ask questions

· Make observations about changes in the environment

· Listen responsively to books and stories

· Exhibit book handling skills

· Pretend to read easy or predictable books

· Comprehend and respond to text

· Understand that reading progresses from left to right and top to bottom.

· Exhibit number and math concepts

· Develop understanding of spatial relationships

· Discriminate between shape and size

· Learn cause and effect

· Use creativity and cooperation with peers to build

· Work cooperatively with peers

· Use language to communicate

· Develop social skills

· Recreate social roles that they see in everyday life

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For more information on Little Saints Academy Preschool or to take a school tour, contact our Preschool Director, Janet Cooper, at: or our Administrative Assistant, Maureen Hecht, at: or by calling the school office at (314) 846-0506 ex 300.

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