Fellowship Fundraisers

Casino Night

Casino Night is a fun filled adult evening of gambling, bidding, mingling and socializing! Tickets are sold in advance and at the door.  It will be Saturday, November 18 so  mark your calendars! Please come!   View the photos from last year's event.

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Coordinators:  Jenn Marr 


Ladies Quarter Auction

The Ladies’ Night Out is the time where friends socialize, shop various vendors, and bid quarters on chances to win fabulous prizes.

Donations are needed for a successful Auction each year.  We ask for any new items or donations from businesses - Jewelry - Hair Care - Spa - Home Décor - Accessories - Gift certificates.

Coordinators: Beth Savens and Nicole Farris

Santa Shoppe for the Students

Santa Shoppe, held in early December, is a great opportunity for the children to purchase gifts for their families, friends and anyone on their “Christmas List”.  All items available at the Shoppe are sourced from a local company.  No items are pre-purchased and each item is on consignment.  In short, we only pay for what we sell.

Volunteers are needed for set-up / take down, to help the younger kids pick out their gifts, wrap the gifts, and to count the items that are being returned to the vendor.  Gift items range from $1-$10.

Coordinator: Amanda Volanksy

Sales Fundraisers

TJ’s Pizza

Everyone loves TJ’s Pizza and this favorite fundraiser kicks off on October 5, 2017.  Volunteers are needed to help manage incoming orders and pizza distribution.

Coordinator: Eileen Minard

Grocery Certificates

Grocery Certificate Sales are held all year long. The sale of grocery certificates in daily sales, weekend sales, and in the seven mini-drives throughout the school year make up a large portion of the funds that are used to enhance our school. In order to keep this program working, we rely on parent volunteers. Help is needed in the following areas:

  • Filling the grocery certificate sales on just the last day of the sale**this will be a change from previous years! For the 2017-18 year, the mini drives will run from a Thursday to the following Wednesday and orders will all be placed on that Wednesday We will need about 15 volunteers for approximately 2 hours on the last day of the drives to fill the orders
  • Preparations for the mini-drives (updating forms, making copies, etc)
  • Marketing the grocery certificate program (preparing flyers, etc)
  • Selling grocery certificates after weekend masses

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Make it a habit to purchase Dierbergs, Shop ‘N’ Save, and Wal-Mart Certificates. Send your order in with your child to school and your certificates will come home on the last day of the drive. Our school retains 2-6% of the face value of each certificate, but you still receive 100% of the value
  • Apply for and use your eScrip card on all Schnucks purchases. Proceeds from these purchases are automatically sent to our school.
  • Participate in all 7 mini-drives this school year (Sept, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, and April). The mini-drives run for 5 days at a time, with the intent to reach a school-wide sales goal. The goal averages out to approximately $50 per student. These mini-drives can generate thousands of dollars throughout the school year.

Please contact Joe Ziegler at  if you are interested and able to help.