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Martha's Gourmet Kitchen School Lunch Program


We are looking forward to serve lunches again at Queen of All Saints.  Although the year is somewhat different because of Covid-19, we want to assure you that we will take every precaution to serve healthy lunches in a sanitized environment.  To do that our cooks will be screened when they come and will be wearing a mask throughout their time in the kitchen.  All surfaces will continue to be sanitized throughout and at the end of the lunch preparation.  Lunches will be given to each student in the classroom packaged in Styrofoam containers with packaged utensils.

Below is information on how to establish an account for your child/children.



How do we sign up?
You should receive an email with the subject line, “Do Not Reply – MySchoolAccount.” You will need the Student ID and PIN number from that email to set up your child’s account. Go to the MySchoolAccount Create Login page and follow the steps listed.


What if I didn’t get an email?
Please contact MGK at or (314) 396- 6799 and let us know which school your child attends, your child’s name, and the email address you want all correspondence sent to and we will email the registration letter.


What if I have trouble registering?
Please contact MGK at or (314) 396- 6799 and we will help you through the process.


How can we see the menus?
Menus are available on the MGK website, on your school website, and an abbreviated (entrée only) menu is available on MySchoolAccount. Go to to log in.


How do we order?
All orders are made through MySchoolAccount. Go to to log in and order.


When are orders due?
Orders are due by midnight of the day before you want lunch. Orders can be ordered daily, weekly, or for the whole month.




How do we pay?

All payments are made through MySchoolAccount. Martha’s Gourmet Kitchen will not accept any payments directly. MySchoolAccount accepts credit cards, debit cards, or ACH (Checks online) payments. Please go to the MySchoolAccount site to log in and pay.


Is there a fee?
Yes. MySchoolAccount charges $2.50 every time funds are loaded into your family account.


Can we pay by check?
All payments are made through MySchoolAccount. MySchoolAccount will accept payment by ACH check but the same $2.50 processing fee per transaction will apply.


What if my child is sick and has ordered a lunch?
Martha’s Gourmet Kitchen staff picks up the absentee list from the office each morning at 9:00 a.m. If your child has ordered a lunch on a day he/she is absent and they are on the list, we will credit your account for that day’s lunch. If your child leaves school after 9:00, you will still be charged for that day’s lunch.


What if my child has forgotten their lunch?
Your child’s teacher will review the lunch list every day. If your child hasn’t ordered for that day or doesn’t have a lunch, the kitchen may be able to prepare an additional lunch for your child and charge your account accordingly. If your child needs a lunch and the kitchen finds out after 9:00 a.m., MGK can provide a Cheese Sandwich and charge your account.


Birthday Treats/Holiday Treats

MGK offers treats twice a month. The Birthday treat, if ordered, it is complimentary to each child who has a birthday in that current month. (Summer birthdays are celebrated in September). All other students may order the Birthday treat for $1.00. The Holiday treat is offered for order every month.



Ala Carte Items

Ala carte items are still available.  You will have to pre-order them with the lunch to make things safer and save on time.  There is still a treat every Wednesday and Thursday that can be pre-ordered as well.




Milk is included with the lunch.  If a lunch isn’t ordered, you can also pre-order a carton of milk.