Mrs. Spirk

My name is Amanda Spirk. I am a 4th Grade teacher at Queen of All Saints. I have been teaching at QAS since 2007. I have taught 6th grade for 4 years, 3rd grade for 2 years, and 4th grade for 9 years. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

 I graduated with my bachelor's degree from Southeast Missouri State in 2005. I have an emphasis in Science. 

I have been married for 16 years. I have two beautiful children, Zachary and Abigail. Zachary is currently in 6th grade and my daughter Abigail is in 2nd grade at Queen of All Saints. My husband and I love the teachers and community at QAS.

4th grade is a transition year for the students. I try to encourage them to be themselves and I remind them that each one of us is created in our own unique way. I want them to learn responsibility and be responsible for their own actions. 


The Saints Award

In the 2016-2017 school year, we will be introducing a new character education program.  One student from each homeroom will be honored with an award for displaying outstanding character related to that month's character trait.  Below is a list of our monthly character traits and celebration Masses. 

September: RESPECT, Celebrated at Mass on September 28.  Congratulations Owen T!

October: SELF DISCIPLINE, Celebrated at Mass on October 26.  Congratulations, AJ!

November: RESPONSIBILITY, Celebrated at Mass on November 30

December: TRUSTWORTHINESS, Celebrated at Mass on December 21

January: PERSEVERANCE, Celebrated at Mass on January 25

February: COMPASSION, Celebrated at Mass on February 22

March: COOPERATION, Celebrated at Mass on March 29

April: KINDNESS, Celebrated at Mass on April 26

May: INTEGRITY, Celebrated at Mass on May 22

Supply List


Language Arts

Comprehension Skills: Compare/Contrast, Point of View, Author's Point of View, Cause/Effect

Vocabulary Skills: Idioms, Context Clues, Multiple Meanings, Homophones

Grammar: New book this Year. quizzes on Fridays!

Writing: Narrative, Persuasive, Informative

Reading and Spelling Tests Fridays​​​​​​



Pre-test Monday; If all correct, students get challenge words

Definitions Monday night; better retention if meanings of words are known

Packet and 3 Activities Due Fridays


Pre-test before each unit to determine group placement

Students have 3 stations

Teacher (Lesson Work)

Independent Practice

Activity/Math Journal

Need to know math facts fluently (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)


Place Value







Plant and Animal Cells

Ecosystems/ Biomes

Classifying Animals by characteristics

Types of reproduction (Animals and Plants)

Natural Disasters

Types of Weathering

Types of Rocks

Social Studies

United States Regions

Major landforms in the United States

States, Capitals, and Map placement

Map, Chart, and graph Skills

Missouri History